Cash For Cars Columbus: Try Us...You Won't Regret It!

If you are feeling the crunch of this rough economic time that we have all found ourselves in, and you have an old junk car just sitting around, then you should consider selling it to us! At Cash for Cars Columbus, we would be more than happy to take that old clunker off your hands. We pay cash for your old vehicle and get rid of it in an Eco-friendly manner.




When it comes to paying top dollar for junk cars in Columbus, we are the best! we have been in business for quite a while now and have developed a reputation of being an extremely reliable company to do business with.


We buy almost any make and model junk car. Whether your vehicle runs or not is not important to us. Likewise, whether it has been severely damaged or it is just a complete pile of rust, we will most likely take it off of your hands! If you are ready to get rid of it, let us know.




Once you have decided that you think you want to sell your old junk car, then all you have to do is contact us either online or call out number. A staff member would be happy to give you a quote on your vehicle's worth. It only take a couple of minutes for you to answer a few short questions in order for us to know exactly what we would be able to pay you for your car.


If our offer is acceptable to you, we would then be able make an appointment with you to pick up the junk car and pay you for it. In most cases, you will not need any paperwork in order for us to be able to take your vehicle. If you happen to need anything, we will let you know ahead of time. (If you don't have the required paperwork, our staff will be happy to help you get what you need as soon as possible.) It is as easy as pie!

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